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Metrobank officials rapped for perjury

Two officers of a bank have been charged with false statement by a contractor over a land property in Buhangin in Davao City.

Contractor Bayani Escora said the officials of Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank) under oath claimed the original title to an 8,268-square meter property he mortgaged to the bank had been lost.

In papers alleging fraud and perjury filed with the Makati City prosecution office, Escora named the Metrobank officials as Cynthia Ruiz, assistant vice president, and Ruth Salome Magpayo, legal officer.

Escora built the P150 million Davao City Council building in 1997, and is the former owner of the closed-down Durian Hotel in Bajada.

He said the officials claimed the title had been lost and asked the Register of Deeds in Makati City to issue another title.

But Escora said the original title to the property he mortgaged to Metrobank in 1996, had already been released to him in 1997, after partial settlement of the loan under a Partial Cancellation of Mortgage inked with the bank.

In documents filed with the Makati City prosecution, Magpayo is shown to have executed an affidavit of loss in 2009 adding the Escora property was ceded to Metrobank thru Dacion en Pago. The affidavit was notarized by legal officer Ruiz.

On top of this, Metrobank also petitioned RTC Branch 10 in Davao City for issuance of an owner’s duplicate copy of TCT-No. T-187484 in the name of Escora. All along, Escora said he was in position of the original title released to him by Metrobank in 1997 after a partial settlement.

In charges filed with prosecution, Escora said Magpayo and Ruiz conspired to make untruthful statement that amounts to perjury. RMB                      


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