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Ronnie Puno: Civility in Politics


There’s a piece of good news coming out of the nation’s political scene.

When everyone appears to be harping on negativity and filthy tactics just to push ahead of the pack and get the eye of the public, there’s one vice presidential aspirant that’s bucking the trend and showing his preference for politeness in politics. He is Secretary Ronnie Puno of the Department of Interior and Local Government. The DILG chief has announced his dedication to a conduct of a civil and a perceptive campaign.

Secretary Puno is one of the vice presidential aspirants for next year’s elections and he’s the preferred candidate of the administration party to partner with Secretary Gilberto Teodoro of Department of Defense. Ronnie Puno has revealed his commitment for an intelligent conduct of campaign for next year’s elections during his speaking engagement at the Manila Overseas Press Club. It is here where the secretary discussed the theme of politeness in politics using the post-election as the ideal venue for correct healing and real reconciliation. Here is a short part of his speech delivered in front of the press club ;

‘Great hopes and expectations come with this very vital political exercise. The 2010 elections should attain 2 things : it should mark a shift in political campaigning from vicious and soiled to civil, lofty and agenda-driven. Issues and platform should rule the political discourse, not negativity, mudslinging or name-calling.’

These are fascinating words coming from Secretary Ronnie Puno and these can really serve the electoral process if the other interested applicants can follow the lead. The secretary is all for the right conduct of the elections where rivals running for the same office should argue based totally on issues and will not resort to black indoctrination. And he has obviously said that the 2010 elections should be different in a way that there’ll be no extra space for lies and misinformation. He also advised the necessity to have a new start in politics and assumed that now may be the time to have a new sort of politics. And since he believes that this will be tough, he has guaranteed that he’s going to take the lead.


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