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A TEAM from the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) retrieved a wounded eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyii) midnight Tuesday at the environment department’s detachment in Trento, Agusan Del Sur.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) detachment personnel reported that they have in their custody a wounded eagle of the PEF on Tuesday.

Anna Mae Sumaya, deputy director of the Breeding Conservation Program of PEF, and her team found the wounded eagle hanging on an improvised hammock with a seemingly weak body. PEF staff also noticed the electrical tape used as an alternative bandage around the eagle’s left leg.

“It was turned over to us September 21 by the local government,” said Elecito G. Tasis, Team Leader of the DENR detachment in Trento.

“We gave the eagle water, fish, and banana yesterday but won’t take it, so we decided to feed him beef instead. We suspended the eagle because it cannot stand by itself anymore,” he added.

Further checkup by PEF staff on the eagle revealed that both of its legs are broken and were previously treated by make-shift splinter made of twigs and leaves. The Philippine Eagle is also unable to open its right eye because of stress.

“The priority right now is to transport the wounded eagle to our rehabilitation facility in Davao City where we could give the eagle further medical treatment,” said Sumaya. “After which, we will conduct an investigation on how and where the eagle was captured and by whom.”


Staff of the DENR detachment in Trento told PEF that a certain Nenito Tabana captured the Philippine Eagle in Pangyan, a village 18 kilometers from Crossing Cuevas where the DENR check point is located. It was later taken into custody by Irenea Hitgano, Municipal Mayor of Trento before it was turned over to the detachment.

However, PEF staff presumed that the eagle has been held captive for quite some time because of its passive response to human presence, including the PEF personnel.

PEF and DENR detachment in Trento will conduct separate investigations.

If the person responsible to the injury of the retrieved Philippine Eagle will be identified and captured, he/she will be punished of up to 12 years imprisonment under Republic Act (RA) 9147 or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act.

A new beginning

Pangyan, named after its place of origin, is now in the Philippine Eagle Center in Malagos, Davao City and is presently receiving medical attention.

Pangyan’s x-ray result shows two gun pellets still embedded in its body. The x-ray result also indicates blasting of the eagle’s right leg.

Pangyan will be very carefully monitored by specialists and will undergo rehabilitation facilitated by the PEF. (PR)

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