Secretary Puno as a Family Man

“A great father and a great husband

Being the leader of the Department of Interior and Local Government and the police force, one would probably think that Secretary Ronaldo Puno is one strict disciplinarian. It’s logical to think this way since managing the police force is no joke, just imagine managing a 120,000-strong organization. The Philippine National Police and the Department of Interior and Local Government are tough organizations to manage, so everyone has this thinking that anyone who leads these two organizations should be at least tough, highly disciplinarian and stickler to the rules and without the soft and caring side. But these preconceptions changed when the secretary faced the entertainment press together with his wife and three lovely daughters.

His wife Pinky and daughters Ronna, Wendy and Nina chatted with select members of the movie and TV industry. In the interview, the three lovely daughters depicted their father as the best father that they could have. The eldest of the seven kids of Puno, Ronna said that she is feel blessed that Ronnie is her father and she added that her father serves a great example for them all and showed them what love for family is, what kind of loyalty should be shown to friends and the kind of one should shower on workmates. Added Ronna “we love him and respect him a lot”.

For Wendy, she is happy that her father is always there for her no matter how busy the secretary is. Wendy who is the second child said that her father is always there when she needed advice and a shoulder to cry on and said that her father was there when she had heartaches during her younger years. Wendy believes that her father taught her the meaning of unconditional love and accepting people as they are. Nina who is the third girl in the family says that one word best describes her father- generous. She said that her father is generous in a way that he provides well for his family and her father is also generous with his time shared with them. And Nina added that her father is generous too to other people, especially to the ones that need his help. As a husband, Pinky said that her husband is perfect except that his schedule can be at times an issue. Pinky describes her husband as a great husband and a great father.

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