2010 elections

Sec. PUNO strenghtens drive vs. violent gender-related crimes

‘Post-trauma’ centers for women, child victims of violence


A police center to assist children and women victims of violent crimes will soon be established all over country, to help the victims cope up with their traumatic experience. 

Interior and Local Government Ronaldo Puno said in Davao City on Friday that the Women and Children’s Protection Center would backstop the Women and Children’s Protection Desks (WCPD), now in place at police precinct levels all over the country.

Puno, concurrent National Police Commission (Napolcom) chair, was in Davao City last week as guest speaker in two gatherings of Region XI local government officials. His coming to Davao City follows his announcement he is eyeing the vice presidential slotk of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD. His aides however said Puno is not campaigning but reinforcing DILG programs on peace and order and economic development in the countrysides.


The Women and Children’s Protection Center will be set up in every region with counterpart centers at the provincial and city levels, according to Puno who added policewomen, now a tenth of the 120,000 police force nationwide would be manning the centers and the WCPDs.

Like recovery centers, the Women and Children’s Protection Center would have home-like ambience serving as temporary shelters for children and women victims of violent crimes like rape, as police attempt to respond more effectively to gender- and family-related concerns.  

The centers and WCPDs will handle cases of violence and abuse committed against women and children as defined under Republic Act (RA) 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act of 2004.

Puno said the PNP’s goal is to ensure that these WCPDs are functioning in every municipality as “one-stop shops” for the investigation and treatment of victims of child abuse, violence against women and other similar crimes.

Puno said the police are not wanting in female cops to man the centers and the desks.

In the PNP’s recruitment program in 2008, 924 out of 8274 new recruits were female. Out of the 128 new graduates of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) in 2008, 21 women were appointed as Police Inspectors, Puno said.

Puno added the WCPDs are being expanded nationwide in partnership with local non-government organizations.



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