Catholic Church sex scandal: Davao City not wanting in priests in sexcapades




Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s warning in his television program on ABS/CBN that he would bare more priests into sexual escapades after revealing that Catholic priest Fr. Pete Lamata had broken his vow of celibacy to marry a woman and then continues to function as a priest, triggers ringing bells about salacious past stories widely played up by media and parishioners of priests into unholy alliances with women.

ONE. Some years ago, parishioners in a parish in Talomo district protested the alleged intentional and unnecessary body contacts of their parish priest with the female species of the flock, leading to the priest’s reassignment to another parish following wild rumors one of their girls working with a lay group  had ended as a girlfriend of the priest.

TWO. In a parish in Tibungco, attendance in Mass seriously dwindled and parishioners refused to fill up the alms box following persistent reports the aging parish priest is living it up with one of the female parishioners—a widow who looked at church donations as intended for her future— who made the convent her home and —when the scandalous relationship became public— disappeared to settle in another province. Thanks to her priest-lover she is now living comfortably having bought lands with alms she saved while she was having an affair with the priest.

THREE. A priest in a parish in Maa was sued by a soldier—assigned in strife-torn Cotabato— who found out his wife was carrying an affair with the priest,  as attested by the woman’s neighbors. The priest would spend nights in the house of the woman not to hear confession but to explore something else.

FOUR. This one is on the funny side. Police attention one night was caught by what looked like an abandoned car parked in an unlit portion of the roadside at Quimpo Boulevard that was moving like some devils were pushing the car up and down and when they checked, hurrah!!!  found a priest inside with a young woman doing a physical exercise that is definitely taboo for Catholic priests. Bad for the priest as the naughty cops tipped broadcast media who rushed to the scene to almost catch the man in priestly garb doing his thing. They may have missed the action but got the name and gave the young priest his day-long ordeal of being identified on air and his sexcapades given more salacious details by the noisy Davao City broadcasters.

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