COMRADE RICHARD: Revolutionary, educator, cultural worker, red fighter and communist

On behalf of the entire revolutionary movement, the New People’s Army, and the Filipino masses, the Southern Mindanao Regional Party Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines renders its highest salutation to comrade Richard–true revolutionary educator, cultural worker, Red fighter and a Communist cadre.

Comrade Richard exemplifies a Communist whose undying commitment to serve the revolution is beyond question. He tried to live what he preached and he consistently stood for the people. His commitment to serve the masses is deeply rooted in the practical teachings of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. As a revolutionary teacher, cultural artist and Red fighter, he lived with the oppressed peoples at the heart of the national democratic revolution. He helped a lot in the ideological campaign of the Second Great Rectification Movement through the regular Party and mass courses. His prose and poetry flowed from his profound experiences with peasants and Lumads, and his words creatively expressed their participation and hope in the People’s War.

As a Communist, comrade Richard helped give practical guidance to the peasant mass movement in their fight against unjust land rent, usury and other feudal issues. He was in the thick of organizing the peasants, the women, the youth and the Lumads into the revolutionary mass organizations, and helped build Red political power in the countryside. Comrade Richard, along with all the comrades who went ahead of us, helped sow the seeds for a better life for the toiling masses.

Comrade Richard’s life and commitment was deeply moulded in the bosom of the people’s movement. His prolific life started with his being a youth activist in the 70s–he was deeply involved in Church activism against the US-Marcos dictatorship; as a human rights worker in the 80s, and as a mass leader in the forefront of organizing and mobilizing the middle class in Southern Mindanao in the 90s as he led the most progressive legal multisectoral organization, the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan. His personal conviction and deep commitment to serve the people beyond the confines of the legal democratic mass movement made him decide to join the New People’s Army.

The life and times of Comrade Richard is one of celebration for the revolutionary movement and for the countless and nameless masses he enlightened and organized for the glorious cause of the People’s War. As he joins the other martyrs and heroes of 40 years of this life-and-death people’s struggle, Comrade Richard’s selfless conviction and commitment will serve as a beacon to our collective, victorious march towards a society bereft of exploitation and oppression.

Southern Mindanao Regional Party Committee
Communist Party of the Philippines

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