King David’s penis to be in safe hands

Dads volunteer to save King David’s organ


jokerWhen government wrecking crews descend on Queensland Motel to pulverize the illegal structures built by motel owner Teodorico Adarna on a government property in Matina Aplaya, King David would have no reason to fear about losing his penis.

This early two city councilors have made a pact to be the caretakers of the most sensitive parts of two King David statues that Adarna built on a bay walk at the government foreshore property.

king davaidAdarna, whose P16 million development that gobbled up about 2 hectares of the 24-hectare City Reservation Area is about to be blown into smithereens with the city government planning to order total demolition, had built two concrete replica of the young King David in all their naked splendor: a towering 30-footer at the middle of the baywalk and a three-foot miniature at the entrance to what is now a popular destination for the public.

At the sidelines of a consultation meeting yesterday at City Hall on the fate of the Adarna illegal constructions, councilor Victorio Advincula and councilor Tessie Maranon in an off-the-cuff conversation jestingly worried about the fate of the bigger statue’s 10-foot armor and the little one’s teeny-weeny one-inch penile property.

The consultation, attended by Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) chairman Andrea Domingo, centered on the illegal reclamation of Adarna. The King Davids’ doom looked certain with acting Mayor councilor Mabel Acosta, who helped Domingo preside over the gathering, hot about seeing the statues going the way of the dodo. Acosta was the most vocal in assailing the Adarna construction even before the early stages of the illegal reclamation, particularly zeroing in on the King David statue that he described as obscene and an assault to morality.

Sir Vic, you take care of the smaller one and I will take charge of the big one, Maranon told Advincula, the city council’s most senior member, during a conversation heard by reporters Alan Abais of DXAB and Mike Manguhig of Radyo Rapido.

The larger King David statue, built ahead of the small one, had drawn up the severest criticism from city councilors and the public when the Adarna illegal constructions came into public focus two years ago. At 20 feet, the statue stands in the middle of the baywalk, and has been a major drawing power for hundreds who visit the bay walk for free.

The verbal missiles heaped on Adarna and the statue included that coming from the Catholic Church, even as Adarna called it as a work of art that could place Queensland and Davao City in the world tourism map. Reportedly costing P200,000, the statue painted in golden yellow stands out at night with lights that accented the naked replica.

Advincula himself had pushed demolition of the King David and the baywalk while the committee on environment was probing the issue, and had also urged the filing of charges against Adarna for illegal reclamation.

Advincula and Maranon, acting Mayor councilor Mabel Acosta, and councilors Peter Lavina and Nilo Abellera attended the consultation meeting looking into the Adarna violations. Also in the meeting was legal officer Melchor Quitain who along with Domingo supported Acosta’s position to demolish the structures.

One thought on “King David’s penis to be in safe hands

  1. Phallic implications for Adarna’s mercy

    It seems that each time that Councilor Mabel Acosta would sit as acting city mayor an open season of Adarna-bashing comes out from the blue. Then the replica of Michaelangelo’s David sculpture would be dragged nude into the picture.

    Two years ago, the councilor, when sitting as acting mayor, started to picked on the illegal construction against Teodorico Adarna, owner of Queensland Motel, who reclaimed and developed about two hectares without government permit within the 24-hectare city government reservation in coastal barangay Matina Aplaya.

    At his cost reportedly running about P40 million now, Adarna developed a marine and a landscaped baywalk where he put a replica of the nude David statue, and of course showing openly the David’s penis to Davao public. As the statue is unique, it managed to attract throngs of curious people, thanks in part to the media issue hype, and as it is now, business activities are humming in the vicinity with the increasing number of promenaders coming in to Adarna’s reclaimed area.

    The caveat of Adarna, who earlier did not mind the two cease-and-desist orders from the City Hall, is for him to donate what he developed to the government in exchange for the holding off of the legal axe from falling unto him, and a concession to manage the baywalk. His appeal is now at the city council’s committee on government properties chaired by councilor Victorio Advincula

    The City Hall appears to be in quandary of whether it will push for demolition of Adarna’s structures considering that when it would push so it should better fall its axe fairly to whosoever is intruding in government properties and that would include beach operators who have earlier developed the Times Beach.

    From the point of view of business, it is not advisable yet for the City Engineers to sharpen its teeth in readying for demolition as Adarna’s structures have managed to spark economic and commercialization activities in the area. It’s now fact that there’s business sparking up there, compliments of Adarna’s titillating imagination, regardless that his bulging David’s replica is a poor copy of the Renaissance sculpture masterpiece of Michaelangelo as its face looks more like one of the US presidents than one of the Greeks.

    But still the great phallic implication and symbolization of Adarna’s structures, to the consternation of the non-art women enthusiast like Mabel is the livelihood of the people and the spreading commercial development in the city, and next- the aura of strength and youthful human beauty the replica exudes for the public at a time when spa and wellness has become sought-after now.

    When someone makes his own initiative at his own cost to develop barren lands like today’s Las Vegas, though as the legal point of view, there’s trespassing and squatting of lands owned by state ab initio, but since he perfected, occupied and waved a symbol like the erect phallus to claim for the control of the land so claimed, the government by that time has been forfeited of its time and rights. So mercy must be given to Adarna who built and prays now to operate and transfer the phallus and its surroundings to the government. (Cha Monforte/Rural Urban News)


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