Davao City Police top cop in sex video


The policeman from Davao City in Southern Philippines who gained fame as a porn star in a sex video with her girlfriend has been dismissed from the police service.

The Internal Affairs Service of the Philippine National Police said Chief Inspector Roland Vilela of the Davao City Police has been dismissed in connection with administrative charges filed against him for the sex video that scandalized his police command.

Vilela, former chief of the police anti-vice unit, is also facing other charges filed by his estranged wife: robbery, physical injuries and bigamy.

IAS director Senior Superintendent Abubakar Mangilen said Vilela has been dismissed for grave misconduct even as he has appealed the decision of the agency probing into police scalawags. He said the regional police chief Andres Caro has affirmed the IAS decision effectively removing Vilela from the police roster.

The sex video with Vilela in a torrid sex scene with a girlfriend was a hot item here last year after it gained wide circulation. He had blamed his estranged wife, also  a police officer, for the circulation, saying she stole the video from his office at the Davao City Police.

The dismissal is not the end of Vilela’s woes however. His wife, also a police chief inspector who ironically once headed the police women’s desk that handles domestic strifes, has filed  charges of battery for mauling her while she was with a foreigner friend at the height of the sex scandal, for robbery after the policeman allegedly stole valuables from her house and for living in with another woman.

Higher police officials had Vilela transferred to headquarters in Manila as the scandal hit the police here after Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte vowed to shoot the policeman on sight. The mayor is known for his severe aversion to police scalawags, particularly on the question of moral and family relation

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