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Davao City council youth rep hit for absenteeism

            Did the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elect a 50-year old man to represent them at the Davao City Council?

            This cruel question appears to be in the lips of those seeking help from Councilor Halila Sudagar, who represents the SK in the city council.

            Sudagar, 15, a senior high school student at Buhangin National High School, has not been visible in her office at the council since her installation more than two months ago. The young Muslim lady, who replaced councilor April Marie Dayap, however has been attending the Tuesday council sessions. But in other days, she is a no-show, raising the joke about the SK having elected the wrong person.

            Acting as her proxy is her father, Cezar Sudagar, who mans the office while the young councilor attends school.

            Sudagar’s absenteeism was placed in focus yesterday when a caller at broadcaster Stephen Manangan’s Banat program on DXAB, poured out his woes about Sudagar’s apparent failure to perform her functions as a city councilor and as SK federation president.

            The unidentified caller, who claimed to be an official of an association of Davao City schools, said he went to Sudagar’s office to seek assistance on a government program to provide free education to SK federation officers.

            He said he had been informed by the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP), where the scholarship grant is available, that the program had been stopped by the national government.

            We are seeking the intervention of councilor Sudagar being president of the SK, he told Manangan.

            At Sudagar’s office, he said he was made to wait by office staff to talk with the elder Sudagar, who was inside the closed office of the councilor, but he backed off after a long wait.

            This is a serious problem about education of the SK officers that has been denied them. We hope councilor Sudagar would live up to her responsibility as the representative of the youth at the city council, he said.







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