Floirendo-del Rosario feud worsens

Tonyboy bares assault by governor’s son

The family feud between the Floirendos and the Del Rosarios of Davao del Norte has gone physical with former Congressman Antonio Floirendo, Jr. claiming on television that a son of his uncle Governor Rodolfo del Rosario assaulted him inside a hotel in Davao City.

But Floirendo, son of banana magnate Antonio “White Hair” Floirendo, Sr., said he was able to parry the blow in the New Year incident by the son, whom he did not identify, of the governor.

I challenge him to a one-on-one fight, said Floirendo on GMA television on Thursday. He said he was alone at the time of the attack but the governor’s son had a gang of bodyguards.

The admission of a physical assault is the latest bad news involving the families behind Tagum Development Corporation (Tadeco), the country’s biggest banana exporter.

The bad blood was first triggered by the May elections last year, when del Rosario run for governor, a position said to be reserved by the clan to Floirendo, who was ending his third and final term as a congressman.

In the telivision news program, Floirendo dared del Rosario to fight him in the Second District congressional race in 2010. The challenge came even as Floirendo said earlier he would field cousin Congressman Anton Lagdameo against del Rosario in the gubernatorial race in 2010.

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