Ferdie Lintuan

FERDIE LINTUAN SLAY: Who should benefit from the murder?

The tipster or the orphans?


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and Congressman Prospero Nograles have each thrown half-a-million pesos as prize money in the search-for-the-killers contest of radioman Ferdie “Batman” Lintuan.

The hefty sum goes to the tipster who could lead police investigators to the murderers and the mastermind in the December 24 killing of the DXGO broadcaster.

            Hundreds of Dabawenyos have been killed in summary executions the past years in this city by shadowy gunmen, none of them solved.

            Lintuan himself was killed in the same fashion as the others who perished in the hands of .45 caliber shooting death squad. With police investigation crawling at snail pace without clear direction, it is most likely that Lintuan would end up in the list of victims whose relatives cry for justice that is never delivered.

            One million pesos in reward money for the solution of the Lintuan murder?

            Forget it. That money will never be claimed because the killers will never be found.

            We suggest that that money be given instead to the four hapless orphans that Lintuan left behind…now!


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