Davao City fire incidents worst in 2007

P117 M lost in 121 fires

A total of 121 fire incidents hit Davao City this year, torching P171 million worth of property.         

In a year-end tragedy yesterday, a man helping fight a fire in Cabaguio Avenue lost his footing and slammed his head on the pavement killing him instantly.          The 2007 damage with a few days before yearend is larger than last year with P71 million worth of property burned in 125 fire incidents.         

Bureau of Fire chief Rico Neil Kwantiu advised public vigilance against accidental fire as people light up homes for Christmas. Kwantiu also warned people against faulty wiring and defective home appliances, which leads causes of fire.         

Yesterday’s fire in Cabaguio is the third in three days, and razed to the ground P21 million worth of property, the biggest recorded for a fire incident.         

Pardo Romaldo, a resident of Cabaguio, was hurling water from a pail at his burning house when he slipped and injured his head. He was declared dead on arrival at the Davao Medical Center. RMB 

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