Christmas booboos

Curiosity ‘beheads’
dancing Santa

One of three mechanical dancing Santa Clauses at the Osmeña Park fronting the Davao City Hall, lost its head dawn yesterday thanks to a man overwhelmed by curiosity over why the Xmas attractions work.

For his embarrassing stunt, Jodrelle Madrillas, 24, of Marilog District earned a space at the San Pedro Police precinct after his bumbling act at the park lighted up for Christmas.

Madrillas was watching with awe the snowy white Santas, with two friends, when he got the urge to probe the dancing figures, moved up to their perch, and touched the head of one of them.

To his shock, the head fell down with the Santa dancing headless with its two companions. Promenaders at the park witnessed the ‘beheading,” and created a furor enough to catch the attention of a policeman stationed at the park.

The Santa however recovered as soon his head, as park maintenance crews rushed up to the Santas’ perch and installed the bearded head.

From his cell at the San Pedro Police precinct, Madrillas admitted curiosity led him to the act, and begged forgiveness for his bumbling stunt, saying he had no intention to create trouble.

But his act may have already spoiled his Christmas.

City administrator Wendel Avisado said Madrillas could be charged with malicious mischief if it could be established that the Marilog man did the act on purpose. He jokingly dismissed curiosity as a lame alibi for Madrillas to get off the hook.

“Ngano man diay, kung kakita sila ug laing tao sa Marilog, ila diay putlan ug ulo? Avisado said in jest. ROGER M. BALANZA

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