Bizarre twist in 12-year old girl’s suicide



An autopsy on the body of 12-year old Mariannet Amper yesterday took a bizarre turn with the medico legal saying the 6th grader was raped before allegedly killing herself by hanging inside their house in Maa in Davao City on November 2.

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte himself bared the shocking news after an examination on the body of the girl whose death was widely played up as triggered by extreme poverty.

Duterte immediately ordered police to invite for questioning Isabelo Amper, the girl’s father, as a suspect. The Amper family lives outside of Yniguez Subdivision in Maa. Isabelo earns a living as a construction worker and his wife works in a noodle factory.

Murder or parricide

Duterte said he sensed murder or parricide but left hanging the question of Isabelo’s guilt.

Duterte bared the medical findings on local television hours after the medical examination that showed the girl had been penetrated.

The examination has established that Mariannet had been raped, said Duterte, who earlier had ordered the body exhumed to establish the real cause of death and the possibility that she had been violated. Duterte said the medical examination showed the girl had been penetrated as shown in her lacerated hymen.

I cannot imagine the girl only played with herself, he said.


The mayor said he has ordered Talomo police precinct commander Matthew Baccay to investigate Isabelo possible involvement in the rape and the girl’s death. Latest report last night said police are still hunting down Isabelo.

Duterte said the police investigation would climb a level higher than determining whether the girl killed herself or not.

The investigation now zero in on murder or parricide, he told ABS/CBN’s TV Patrol and GMA’s Testigo last night.

Duterte said he ordered the exhumation of the girl’s body to provide answers to a two-pronged riddle that had placed the local government at the receiving end: what could have driven Mariannet to kill herself and if the suicide was indeed triggered by poverty.

Duterte said it was premature to pin Isabelo in the rape of her daughter, but the investigation should start with him.

Unanswered riddles

He admitted he was inspired to suspect rape by the reporting of the girl’s death to police only on November 6, or four days after she was found dead by his brother Reynald; and by media reports quoting Reynald as saying Mariannet had torn a page from her diary whose contents she said could lead to the break-up of her family.

There were speculations in media about rape being committed and that the contents of the diary page that Mariannet hid could lead to a split between her parents, Duterte said.

Mariannet, whose death has been lapped up by media and cause-oriented groups as a symbol of national poverty, had left a diary detailing the family’s ordeal against economic hardship.

Poster girl

Tagged by some as the “poster girl of extreme poverty in the country,” Mariannet sparked commentaries that her death could be blamed on the Duterte administration’s failure to address local poverty.

Hurt by the accusation against the Davao City government, a consistent winner in the national search for the Most Child Friendly City and the Best in Nutrition Program, Duterte himself scanned local programs on anti-poverty, nutrition and health to determine if the local government missed the mark in addressing poverty.

All the programs of the City Health Office and the City Nutrition Office are in place, he said. There is no hunger in my city, he adds.

That allegations Mariannet killed herself due to poverty is even denied by her family, said Duterte, adding the family had resented media reports portraying them as mired in extreme poverty.

Duterte did not hide his frustration at media commentaries heaping blame at his administration for Mariannet’s death.

Melodramatic treatment

The medico legal findings of rape demolished the “melodramatic treatment by media” of the case that could have been avoided if media waited for results of this investigation, said Duterte.

In the ABS/CBN report, Duterte lashed at Domingo Panganiban, chair of the government’s National Anti-Poverty Commission (NPAC) for heaping blame on the city government for Mariannet’s death.

“We are not wanting in addressing poverty in my city. Panganiban is speaking with his foot in his mouth,” said Duterte.


2 thoughts on “Bizarre twist in 12-year old girl’s suicide

    1. There was no rape. The sad story could have ended as soon as the girl was buried, but some councilors tried to make capital out of it with a legislatgive probe. at any rate, the suicide triggered a soul-searching among city officials, cause-oriented groups with concerns on child welfare. the verdict: poverty may only be a contributor to the suicide.


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